Snazzy Criss -Cross Black Padded Sports Bra

Snazzy  Criss -Cross Black Padded Sports Bra Silky , light minimizer  padded  bra  is fabricate  with impressively  padded  supportive materials to ensure consistent, all-day-cozy . 2 ply cups make it soft on the inside and sleek  on the exterior. This fun, vibrant swim top characterise  a  snazzy entire trendy pattern having amazing  wide front of criss -cross over the two cups . Deluxe  padded bra with a flattering lift and natural shape. Made of luxurious woven .
  • Seamless, padded  cup is molded microfiber with a modest amount of stretch for an accommodating fit.
  • Clothes glide over sleek, smooth  cups.
  • Lightweighted, powerful  knit .
  • Sewn-on elastic edge on neckline holds fit in place.
  • Center - arched, confined mesh triangle has an  intersection design.
  • Tall sides and back are supportive stretch microfiber with sewn-on elastic at tip and base .
  • Wide elastic for better comfort below the two cups , Customised fit  with sexy  look.
  • Criss - cross strips on back sides make it super sexy sports  bra.
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