Honeymoon Essentials Lingerie Set

Honeymoon Essentials Lingerie Set is ultimate collection of handpicked luxury designer babydoll, personalized panties and pantyhose. Get the love box special edition and discovery the true comfort and fit of world’s best lingerie.It got so big we decided to call it the India’s Biggest lingerie Sale. Check out what you get and how much you save.


1 Sexy Luxurious Personalized Panty ( Retail Value Over Rs. 599/-)

This box offers 1 extreme sexy personalized panties, which gives you incredible comfort for all day wear. The design of panties provides a smooth silhouette that doesn’t poke through your shirt. These imported panties are breathable for moisture control. It comes in multiple colors so you can choose according to your personal taste or to best coordinate with your outfit of choice.

  • Breathable panties
  • It won’t irritates your skin due to its comfy fabric
  • You can surprise your partner in honeymoon after wearing these sexy panties
  • Don’t even tell him you bought lingerie just change into it and sprawl out on the bed, so his jaw drops when he walks in
  • You know what color you look best in, but you can never go wrong with black or red

1 Babydoll ( Retail Value Over Rs. 899/-)

This working set contains 1 sexy babydoll, which is perfect to use in your daily life style. This is made up by lace breathable fabric, so you can easily wear for whole day long in your sexy nights.

  • Comes 1 babydoll
  • Breathable fabric
  • Tag-less comfort

1 Personalized G-String (Retail Value: Rs. 399/-)

G-string is a blend of comfort and style with their innovative stretch material. These panties are made from ultra soft lace fabric, which gives softness to your skin. Featuring the comfort soft waistband, they stretch and fit ideally around your waist.

  • Panties fit perfectly
  • Comes in 1 set
  • Comfortable & breathable to wear all day long
  • Made up from lace fabric

1  Pantyhose (Retail Value: Rs. 599/-)

Pantyhose is Step out in this season’s hottest catwalk trends. These gorgeous pantyhose are the ultimate in luxury and style, providing sexy coverage all time. These are made from 100% nylon for added comfort and contain a built in back panel for extra support.

  • Made by nylon material
  • Full length
  • Sexy to see and wear
  • Comes 1 pantyhose
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